St. Justin Martyr

Bigger and Bigger Emptiness

If science not only teaches us that atoms – in terms of mass – are more than 99% ’empty space’, and then, without missing a beat, goes on to assure

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Turning to Luke

St. Luke the Evangelist, by Andrey Mironov There are no written documents on Earth that can compare with the Four Gospels. I am a mega-admirer of the Bhagavad-Gita, of the Upanishads and

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To my anglophone readers…

The lectures on both Virgil and Lucretius have now been added to the “Humanities” menu. I find them to be among the most memorable of the talks.  

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Corruptio optimi pessima

The Romans never became the philosophical equals of the Greeks, but, with their instinct for the practical and love of linguistic economy, they gave us a nourishing harvest of Latin

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Symbols and Symbolism

I was recently asked to reflect on the notion of symbol against the broader horizon of semiotics. This brought me to contrast the image (left) with the world of symbols

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