St. Justin Martyr

The Gospel of Luke (cc. 6-13)

In the mid-90s, I was once again invited by the Apostolate for Family Consecration ( to speak, this time on various selections from the Gospel of Luke. In many ways this is my favorite of the Gospels – less busy with Old Testament “proof texts” than Matthew, less hard-hitting than Mark, less soaring than John. Unlike the other three Evangelists, Luke was a gentile, like me. He was close to St. Paul, seems to have had opportunities to converse with the Mother of Jesus (thus the rich Nativity account), and was probably a physician, inspiring him to see Christ as Savior and Healer. His is also the longest of the four Gospels, most narrative in style and relatively easy on the reader. The passages chosen below served not only as opportunities for exegesis, but also excuses to comment on a variety of topics. My interviewer is the founder of the AFC, Jerry Coniker (+2018).

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