All of my old “podcasts,” including this one from 1986 on the angels, were made at the invitation of others. I only recently re-discovered them and was given permission to post them on my site. So much nonsense is spoken about angels today – both by those who believe in them and by those that don’t! – it can be interesting to listen to someone speaking about them (I hope intelligently) some 35 years ago, when they were hardly ever referred to.

What I am posting are slightly edited audios of original videos made at the request of the Apostolate for Family Consecration (, which kindly provided the mp3’s with permission to edit them for use today. My interviewers are Jerry Coniker (founder of the AFC, +2018) and Dr. Richard Dumont, who read the Scripture passages on episodes 2-7. Also present was Dr. Burns Sealy (+2007), at the time the staff theologian of the AFC.

The posting of these podcasts coincides with the imminent launching of my own book on angelology by Angelico Press, The Other World We Live In: A Catholic Vision of Angelic Reality. (See updates in “Works” menu.)