St. Justin Martyr

To readers of SEVEN ISLANDS

As with most new publications, the English edition of my book, Seven Islands, displays a few typographical errors, and a true blooper at the very beginning. The latter is on page 6 of the printed edition, towards the top (or on the second page, or second paragraph of the Introduction, in the Kindle edition). I may be slightly dyslexic without knowing it, for I wrote “…travelling west all the way round to the East Indies.” Obviously, it should read “travelling east“, since from Tierra del Fuego the narrative travels eastwards to Iona and the remaining islands. Please correct.

Those who purchased the first printing of the paperback edition may have noticed that the title pages for chapters III and IV lost the “i” in the title, reading “SLAND III and IV”. This was corrected in later printings.

I am grateful if readers can point out other mistakes and send them to Of course, comments and critiques of the ideas expressed are also welcome.



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