St. Justin Martyr

Relation – The Weakest Category with the Greatest Implications

I was invited to participate in the International Open Seminar on Semiotics 2022 on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the death of philosopher and semiotician John Deely (1942-2017). My Indian friend and colleague, Banzelão Teixeira, was also invited and on March 18th delivered a very solid paper on “The Supra-Subjective Nature of Relation: John Deely’s Semiotic Response to the Modern Impasse.” It may be heavy going for those not familiar with Thomistic philosophy, but for anyone up to the challenge, the ideas are both rooted and revolutionary. I participate only as a commentator and interlocutor. My own talk, on a quite separate topic, will be on May 28 (all the year’s presentations are listed here in chronological order).

For the curious and intrepid, here is the link to Banzelão’s talk (my own clumsy intervention occurs at about the 58 minute mark, and my later seminar can be accessed here):

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