Wonders, Transcendences, Domains and Wisdoms

The initial concern, leading me to articulate these related but not entirely coincident triads, regarded the positioning of the love of wisdom – what we traditionally call philosophy – in its relation to three kindred domains: 1) within its nurturing matrix in the world of the humanities and the arts, 2) its relation to the […]

O que a Filosofia não é – e o que ela é

Nenhuma outra área do conhecimento, além da Filosofia, sofre tanta controvérsia acerca do que é exatamente. As ciências naturais e (mais ainda) as sociais podem abrigar ambiguidades em seus métodos e nos pormenores de sua análise, mas normalmente há poucas disputas sérias acerca do que se estuda nessas ciências. Com a Filosofia não é assim. […]

What other philosophers say…

Here are about 20 minutes of a variety of English-speaking philosophers answering (or dodging) the question:  “What is philosophy?”  (courtesy of the website philosophybites.com). Most are surprised by the question, some refuse to reply, not a few just laugh, and others offer thoughtful, if controversial, attempts.  Of course, I like my answer (What is philosophy? […]

What Philosophy is not – and what it is

No other area of knowledge suffers so much controversy over what exactly it is as does philosophy. The natural and (even more) the social sciences may harbor ambiguities in their methods and details of analysis, but there tends to be little serious dispute as to what they are studying. Not so with philosophy.  Ask three […]