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Webinar on the Thought of Richard De Smet


Invitation to Inaugural Webinar through ZOOM



Thinking Along With and Ahead

Richard De Smet

Date:              27th Feb, 2023

      Time:            11:00 Brazilian time !!  (17h30 – 19h30, Indian Standard Time)


  1. Inaugural Address: (20 minutes) 

“Birth and Initial Growth of ACPI – Role of Richard De Smet: A Historical and Reflective Look”

 Dr.Johnson Puthenpurackal, OFM Cap

  1. Paper 1: (20 minutes) 

“Studies on Richard De Smet: Contribution and Relevance to Indian Christian Philosophizing”

– Dr. Ivo Coelho, SDB

  1. Paper 2: (20 minutes)

“ACPI Socio-Critical School of Thought: Trajectories of Thinking in Context”

– Dr. Keith D’Souza, SJ

  1. Paper 3: (30 minutes)

“Thomistic Metaphysics of Personhood: De Smet’s Interpretation with Advaitic Perspective”

– Dr. Scott Randall Paine (University of Brasilia, Brazil)


Questions and Clarifications – after all the presentations

Moderator:    Dr. Jacob Palaparambil, SDB


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