St. Justin Martyr

News on Podcasts (and on “Eschatology”)

For my anglophone readers who would also enjoy becoming hearers, I am opening a “Podcasts” menu on my homepage. I have received audios of a number of programs I made many moons ago, which I had quite forgotten. I listened to them, expecting to be embarrassed at hearing my voice from so many years ago. However, I discovered that on most matters my ideas have hardly changed at all, and sometimes I seem to have been more eloquent then than I am now. I certainly had more energy. We all “get on a roll” during certain periods of our lives. Some things I would no doubt formulate a bit differently today, but not in contradiction to what I said then, but only in supplementation (and perhaps context). I will also add to the list English audios I have made more recently. The lion’s share of my recordings of recent years will, however, be in Portuguese, and probably on a separate menu.

About “Eschatological Catarrh”

The first audios I received were on the Apocalypse and were made in 1990. I went ahead and put them up about half a year ago. The wordpress program informs me that they have been listened to quite a bit. However, the week I made those recordings – on a visit from Europe to the United States 31 years ago – I was recuperating from a bad cold and you hear me coughing and clearing my throat with irritating frequency. I recently discovered a program that allowed me to edit the mp3’s and remove the offending sounds. So now all ten episodes are pristine. If anyone gave up listening because of my guttural hacking (which the mike picked up with regrettable fidelity), they might want to try again. Likewise, if anyone downloaded them, please replace them with the new versions. I also took down the name “eschatology,” since most will hardly know what it means. “Apocalypse” is full of unfortunate associations, it is true, but at least it is a familiar term.

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