The Other Shore

Once again, upon request of the AFC (, I offered some reflections on what awaits us after death. The word “purgatory” confuses non-Catholics (and some Catholics as well!), so I have entitled the reflections with an expression well-known not only in Biblical language, but also in other religious traditions. I have an extensive text on the question (in “Writings”: Paisagens e períodos póstumos), but not yet translated into English. As soon as it is available, it will be linked to these recordings.

There will be only five episodes of this series, and I will try to include either a new podcast on some questions not addressed here, or a small text of supplemental considerations. Again, my interviewer is the AFC founder, Jerry Coniker (+2018), with contributions by their theologian-in-residence at the time, Dr. Burns Sealey (+2007).

©Used by permission of AFC Media Trust