The Two Antipodes of Transcendence (revision: June ’21)

Many attempts have been offered to defend the theory that only physical reality is real (so-called ‘naturalism’ or ‘materialism’). Although embarrassingly feeble in argument and often unabashedly ideological in inspiration, the main claim has been that there seems to be no evidence within the world around us that anything beyond mass and energy need exist […]

Wonders, Transcendences, Domains and Wisdoms

The initial concern, leading me to articulate these related but not entirely coincident triads, regarded the positioning of the love of wisdom – what we traditionally call philosophy – in its relation to three kindred domains: 1) within its nurturing matrix in the world of the humanities and the arts, 2) its relation to the […]

Dois antípodas da transcendência

Muitas tentativas têm sido feitas para defender a teoria de que apenas a realidade física seja real. Não obstante serem embaraçosamente frágeis e descaradamente ideológicas as tentativas, sua principal reivindicação é que não há evidência conclusiva no mundo à nossa volta de que exista qualquer coisa além da massa e energia. Os defensores deste naturalismo […]