St. Justin Martyr

Preface and Introduction to THE UNIVERSE AND MR. CHESTERTON (2nd ed.)

(printed with permission of Angelico Press: from the second, revised edition of The Universe and Mr. Chesterton ) Preface  (2019) Shortly after World War II, and the atomic trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an American author published a short book addressed to the public at large; it was entitled: The Universe and Dr. Einstein. Lincoln Barnett’s slim […]

The Universe and Mr. Chesterton

  The Universe and Mr. Chesterton                                              (Second, revised edition) Buy from Paper: asin 1621384802 $17.95Cloth: asin 1621384810 $38.03 The Bible’s opening words “In the beginning”—later echoed in St. John’s Gospel—suggest an affinity between the Christian project of […]