Love and Union – synonyms?

It was 38 years ago that I spent two hours conversing in Kalady, India, with this monk of the Ramakrishna Mission. I had been sick for six weeks before this meeting, so I was a bit thinner and paler than usual. The monk was gracious and eager to chat, so over tea we discussed the […]

Uma outra lista de amores

C.S. Lewis escreveu um instigante livro intitulado The Four Loves (Os Quatro Amores), em que se apresenta uma clara taxonomia do amor, de acordo com suas variedades: a afeição familiar, o amor erótico, a amizade e a caridade (amor a Deus e por Deus). Eu gostaria que todos lessem o livro (apesar de sugerir suplementar […]

Another List of Loves

C.S. Lewis penned an insightful book entitled The Four Loves, offering a clear taxonomy of love according to its varieties as family affection, erotic love, friendship, and charity (love of and for the sake of God). I wish everyone would read the book (although I would suggest supplementing the fourth part with Josef Pieper’s book On Love). However, […]