Revisão e expansão do ensaio sobre signos

Agora, consegui corrigir, revisar e expandir a tradução do meu artigo sobre signos:

First Episode of Apocalypse Commentary (audio only)

Since posting the already-completed Episode 5 of the 10-part Apocalypse commentary on my youtube channel, and while waiting for further videos to be prepared and not wanting to leave things too much in the air – and realizing, of course, that the introduction is important – I am posting here the audio of the first […]

On Visually Reading the Apocalypse

In the late 14th century, Europe had passed through the Black Death, killing a third of its population (and a full half of its doctors and priests), was in the midst of the 100 Years’ War and had two rival claimants to the papacy. In 1373, the Duke of Anjou commissioned a woven depiction of […]

O sábio e o gnóstico (aviso)

Quem já baixou ou imprimiu o ensaio “O sábio e o gnóstico”, partes 1 e 2, pode querer substitui-lo pela versão mais recente, agora corrigida. Está disponível a partir de hoje, 30.11.20:

Wonders, Transcendences, Domains and Wisdoms

The initial concern, leading me to articulate these related but not entirely coincident triads, regarded the positioning of the love of wisdom – what we traditionally call philosophy – in its relation to three kindred domains: 1) within its nurturing matrix in the world of the humanities and the arts, 2) its relation to the […]