Empirical Easter 2021

A common misconception about Christianity tells us that it consists in believing a series of abstract truths regarding a God who is one and three, a person who is God and man, and bread that is no longer bread. However, the more abstruse side of these articles of  faith – and articles of faith they […]

Introducing Richard De Smet SJ

I have been reading Richard De Smet’s work for years and have found him to be the deepest and most erudite interpreter of Indian thought from within a traditional, Christian metaphysical framework. I have drawn comparisons between him and the author whose work I recently anthologized here: East/West compenetratio: Bernard Kelly and Richard De Smet. […]

7 Islands revisited and revised (2021)

For anyone who read, downloaded, or is interested in reading, my English travelogue, 7 Islands, there is now an updated, corrected version of the text. The original was first written in 2017. No significant changes in content have been made, just improvements in style and focus (I still suffer from my years of speaking German […]

Some Christmas posts (alguns posts natalinos)

FELIZ NATAL !     MERRY CHRISTMAS ! A noite silenciosa da fecundidade The Silent Night of Fecundity Et Verbum infans factum est (e o Verbo se fez infante) Et Verbum infans factum est (and the Word was made an infant)

On Visually Reading the Apocalypse

In the late 14th century, Europe had passed through the Black Death, killing a third of its population (and a full half of its doctors and priests), was in the midst of the 100 Years’ War and had two rival claimants to the papacy. In 1373, the Duke of Anjou commissioned a woven depiction of […]

Wonders, Transcendences, Domains and Wisdoms

The initial concern, leading me to articulate these related but not entirely coincident triads, regarded the positioning of the love of wisdom – what we traditionally call philosophy – in its relation to three kindred domains: 1) within its nurturing matrix in the world of the humanities and the arts, 2) its relation to the […]